Isle of Man Banks

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The Isle of Man banking universe.

Despite our success as an international financial centre we have a relatively small banking sector. Here is a simple list of our Isle of Man banks for reference:-

The Isle of Man Banks.

(i) Barclays Bank PLC

(ii) HSBC Bank Plc

(iii) Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets PLC 

(iv) The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited. (inc. IOM Bank, NatWest & Coutts)

(v) Santander Financial Services Plc

(vi) Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited,  

(vii) Nedbank Private Wealth

(viii) (ix) Standard Bank Isle of Man Limited and The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited,  

(x) Conister Bank Limited

(xi) Capital International Bank Limited .

As you can see our local banking universe is surprisingly limited. Each of the banks has a different appetite with respect to clients that it will accept. For general information about opening an account in the Isle of Man see our article – Simple facts about opening an Isle of Man bank account.

All our Class (1)(1) banks – which is all of them except Capital International Bank are “Covered Banks” in respect of the Isle of Man Depositors Compensation Scheme (See here

If you want help with making a choice or with an introduction then we will assist you if we can. Contact [email protected] or WhatsApp +44 1624 777900.