Buy to Let landlords – listen up.

Most buy to let landlords are already very good at controlling costs, they have to be, it goes with the territory.

Lets face it, tax is a cost, like any other; albeit a complicated one considering CGT, Corporation tax, Income tax and in the long run (hopefully !) IHT.

Once you have minimised everything else, it stands to reason that you should do everything you can to minimise your tax burden.

Paying tax is not optional but paying more tax than you need to is.

Having worked offshore in the Isle of Man, all my professional career, you can be sure that I have seen pretty much every tax minimisation strategy imaginable. (Good, bad and ugly !) 

We live in a new world and many of these are off the table these days so I am not saying all the answers lie offshore in places like the Isle of Man  (although a few still do). 

However, there are still some smart specialist advisors out there, and sometimes, with the right introduction, they will provide an initial review of your personal circumstances with reference to your property portfolio free of charge. 

You might be pleasantly surprised by what can be still be achieved to make a real difference to your financial well being.

If you have a substantial but to let portfolio and you would like to see if there are legitimately ways to reduce or in some cases eliminate your taxes then please drop me a line.

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“It always seems impossible until its done.”

“In the Isle of Man, the key to getting things done is ‘what you know’ as well as ‘who you know’; thankfully we can help you with both.”

Let us help you find the solution.

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Let us help you find the solution

Let us help you find the solution.
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