Isle of Man Immigration rules unravelled – how start a wonderful life

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Isle of Man immigration visas

Isle of Man immigration FAQ

Our immigration rules in the Isle of Man are similar, but not identical, to those in the UK. Our website site has more detailed information about the Isle of Man and you can learn more about Isle of Man immigration pathways at

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Why would I want to come and live in the Isle of Man?

Essentially there are 3 reasons, quality of life – quality of life and quality of life ! The Isle of Man really is an exceptional place to live. 

As well as beautiful countryside, lovely beaches and space to breathe, we have the lowest crime rate in the British Isles, good schools, a caring community and plenty of well paid jobs.

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Who can come and live in the Isle of Man ?

The Isle of Man is a part of the UK Common Travel Area (CTA) which includes the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Anyone entitled to live in the CTA can reside in the Isle of Man. This includes UK nationals, Irish nationals and all eligible visa holders.

Are the Isle of Man immigration rules identical to those in the UK ?

The immigration rules in the Isle of Man are similar, but not identical, to those in the UK.

Immigration decisions are made locally by the Isle of Man immigration staff (i.e. independently of UK agencies)..

You can access the Isle of Man Government pages which provide access to useful information here

What are the principal Isle of Man visa routes ?

Visas can be issued as a result of :-

Personal circumstances – People with existing family members residing in the Isle of Man or with UK may meet the family / partner visa criteria. Those from HongKong can consider the BN(O) – British National Overseas route and those with British Ancestry may qualify under the British Ancestry visa.

Work related – workers with particular skills and existing job offers may qualify under the Isle of Man worker migrant visa scheme and key workers who are part of an existing business wishing to set up in the Isle of Man may be eligible for a Representative of an overseas business visa. 

Entrepreneurial – Entrepreneurs with a viable business idea and GBP50,000 in the bank are able to make application under the Business Migrant – Innovator Visa scheme.

How do I find out more ?

If you require a visa and you would like us to assess your options free of charge – complete our immigration assessment form and to learn more about Katz & Co’s Isle of Man immigration services or you require assistance relocating to the Isle of Man please contact Martin Katz who will be pleased to assist you.