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Isle of Man Companies House – Companieshouse.im – Isle of Man company searches and more

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Isle of Man Companies House – Companieshouse.im is an independent alternative Isle of Man Companies Registry information service which has two specific objectives;

(i) To help people better understand the requirements under our Companies legislation – which is quite complicated, particularly in respect of 1931 Act companies and

(ii) help people administer their Isle of Man companies more effectively.

As well being able to perform a registry search of Isle of Man incorporated entities, the Isle of Man Companies House service provides users with access to a number of additional features:-

‘How to’ Guides – Users can download precedents of directors and shareholders minutes to help them complete common corporate tasks (eg change a name / appoint a director or issue shares). This free service is intended to assist directors to meet their legal obligations in respect of the management of their companies.

Detailed FAQs – Companieshouse.im includes ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sections for both 1931 and 2006 incorporated companies. These sections are intended to help directors and shareholders of Isle of Man companies to better understand the requirements of, and their obligations under our Companies Acts.

Isle of Man Laws – This section provides users with a brief overview of applicable Isle of Man laws in specific areas including, where relevant links to the underlying legislation. Currently, the topics include; GDPR, AML/CFT, Substance requirements, Financial services regulation, Foreign companies rules, Business names, Beneficial Ownership Act, Tax rules.

If you get ‘stuck’ with something or if the information you need is not included within the site then you can ask us. 

We are Chartered Secretaries and Accountants and if we can help you directly, we will do so and if you require the services of an Advocate, a Corporate Service Provider or another professional then we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

You can email us on [email protected] or telephone on +44 1624 777900